Have you ever had this experience, you like to download and use various portable software, but you don’t know where to save them, or you can’t find their shortcuts? Do you want a program like a toolbox that can collect your portable software and make them easy to use anytime and anywhere?

If you have such a need, then PortaBox is your best choice. PortaBox has the following main features and advantages:

  • Easy to use, no installation required, just unzip and run.
  • Highly portable, can be placed on a USB drive or a mobile hard disk, carry it with you and use it anytime.
  • Import programs to PortaBox’s relative path, so you can copy PortaBox and its folder to other places and run them directly.
  • Create shortcuts to exe programs for quick launch, avoiding a bunch of shortcuts on the desktop.

Quick start:

Step 1: Create a shortcut

Click the “Add” button on the main interface of PortaBox. Some software, like BitComet and Putty, can be exported as portable applications from their installed directories. To import them to PortaBox, follow the next step.

Setup 2, Import an EXE file

You can customize the options for the imported program, such as whether to create a shortcut only or to import the EXE file into PortaBox. For Parameters and Work path, you can leave them blank if you are not sure how to fill them in, or follow the requirements of the imported program.

Step 3, Move the icons to the end

You can drag and drop the icons one by one to the end of the list to change their order.

Step 4, Launch a program

To launch a program on the main interface of PortaBox, you can double-click its icon or right-click it to open the menu and run as normal or administrator. You can also right-click the tray icon at the bottom right corner of the Windows desktop to pop up the Quick Launch menu.

Download PortaBox for Windows (Size: 0.94MB)