Did you know that you can easily transfer documents between your PC and your mobile devices with TFS(Tiny File Share)?

TFS is a tiny program that creates an HTTP server on your PC, allowing you to quickly and conveniently share files with your phone or tablet. The main features and advantages are as follows:

  • Lightweight, only a few hundred KB in size, does not take up extra space.
  • Simple enough to just double-click to run, or use command line to specify running parameters.
  • Client uses normal browser to access, no need to install additional applications or configure.
  • Supports password authentication to prevent unauthorized access, and saves complete log files.

Quick start:

Step 1: Run TFS

You can copy the TFS.exe to the folder you want to share and double-click it. Or you can specify the parameters using the command line. For example, create a bat file and add text (TFS.exe path=”d:\” password=123456 port=80), and double-click it. This will create an HTTP server with the shared folder of d:\, password of 123456, and port of 80. Note that when the path has spaces, it must be in double quotes.

Step 2: Find URL

In the command line interface of TFS, you will see your HTTP server information. Please find your Shared URL there.

Step 3: Access Authentication

If you set a password through command line arguments, you need to enter it when you open the Shared URL in the browser. Entering a wrong password will trigger an authentication failed alert in the program’s command line. The log files are in the TFS folder under My Documents on your system.

Step 4: Client operation

On the client side, you can click on the file link to download it, and click on the Upload file(s) button to upload files. Please note that every time you upload files, they are uploaded to the current path (as the red box in the figure), and the result of Search only includes the current path and subfolders.

Download TFS for Windows (Size: 233KB)